Maia Wealth


Planning for business owners, multigenerational wealth, and accredited investors.

Areas of Practice


Financial Planning

With a network of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, CPAs, money managers and attorneys, Maia Wealth delivers a team of credentialed, educated, experienced, and action-oriented advisors. We pull all the pieces together to create a customized plan. With a focus on investment management, the team at Maia Wealth addresses all aspects of a plan – from estate planning, tax strategy and risk management to retirement, education and charitable planning.


Giving back can be extremely rewarding for both our families and business owners. We like to help our clients accomplish this through the most effective strategies available from both a cost and tax perspective. This includes but is not limited to: charitable trusts, donor advised funds and strategies with IRAs and life insurance policies.

Investment Management

Investment management is the core of our services, and our team has extensive experience managing money in both bull and bear markets. We do not experiment with our clients’ money, and we do not invest based on a hunch. For most of our clients, the focus is capital preservation followed by growth, but each client has different needs and unique circumstances. We analyze all aspects of a client’s current financial situation and desired outcomes prior to constructing a portfolio.

Risk Management

We offer insurance services to our families and business owner clients. We make recommendations on an as-needed basis. At Maia, we do not believe it is enough to advise a client. We believe in helping them execute on the recommendation. In other words, we like to take action to get things done for our clients. We are licensed to assist our clients with life and disability insurance, long-term care insurance, accident and health insurance, and have partner property and casualty insurance agencies.

Estate Planning

We believe there are few firms that can rival Maia Wealth's work in estate planning and asset protection. Our law firm partners are able to provide legal advice, draft trusts and other legal documents, as well as advise on asset protection, business succession planning, and charitable giving. Our wealth managers work closely with the attorneys to ensure the advice is aligned with your overall goals. The combination of experience coupled with our coordinated approach forms an estate plan that is top notch.

Tax Planning

Our team of CPA partner firms, wealth managers, and attorneys work together to: Coordinate tax sensitive management of taxable accounts, where appropriate; make clients aware of legal options available to reduce or eliminate death and estate taxes; work with clients to reduce income taxes; provide consulting services regarding closely held private stock, concentrated publicly traded stock positions, stock option programs, and employee stock programs; provide tax advice regarding real estate investments and transactions, and prepare tax returns.