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Are you prepared for your financial future?

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PDS is grateful to have you as a part of their family, and it is important to PDS that you are fully equipped and prepared for your future. As you know, PDS already provides tax services to their associates and owner-doctors, but they are expanding this offering to include a comprehensive financial plan.

Recently, PDS has partnered with Maia Wealth, an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and they have agreed to offer all PDS members a free comprehensive financial plan. This can include insurance, investments, estate planning (wills & trusts), college and retirement planning, and much more.

PDS is not affiliated with Maia Wealth.

Individual and Family Planning

Wealth Management

  • Investment strategies

  • College funding strategies

  • Accumulation programs in preparation for retirement

  • Income replacement retirement plans

  • Social Security analysis

Asset Protection and Estate Planning

  • Estate tax mitigation strategies

  • Charitable giving techniques

  • Wealth transfer strategies

  • Life insurance and Disability income protection analysis

  • Long-Term Care insurance


Business Planning

Business Protection planning

  • Business evaluation

  • Key employee insurance

  • Buy-sell strategies

Family Business Planning

  • Multi-generational dynamics

  • Legacy planning

  • Estate equalization planning